Efficient Plumbing Products

People who are consciously thinking of going green will try to save and conserve resources in every way possible.

Right now, water is a resource in short supply in many areas across the US. But even in the Ohio River valley, smart water use can lower your utility bills and reduce stress on your town’s water supply infrastructure. Repairing old plumbing with new, replacing old faucets with new and such other maintenance measures are also very important to green-minded people. Old plumbing systems and faucets are prone to leak water, which amounts to wastage.

Water conserving plumbing products have received a bad rap in the past, since using less water often meant a huge reduction in the function of the products. For example, water saving toilets need to be flushed twice, or low-flow shower faucets suffered a loss of water pressure. Today, however, these problems are a thing of the past. Finding quality plumbing fixtures is easier than ever before, offering a cost savings in the form of water conservation. Elliott and Bradley Plumbing can help you update your plumbing system and find the toilets, faucets and showerheads that best fit your needs.

There are several new kinds of energy-efficient plumbing fixtures, primarily tankless water heaters, available today that were not available before.